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The Reality of Polar Playground

Polar Playground is an ice cream dessert shop located in Huntington Beach, CA. It captured many people’s attention back in Summer 2020 when several Tiktok videos of the place went viral. However, it wasn’t their ice cream that people were interested in, it was their cotton candy.

Polar Playground makes many different cotton candy characters along with their northern light cotton candy. After seeing about five videos of this place on my Tiktok feed, I knew I had to go check it out for myself.

I did a little research before going to see when the best times were to go. There are also so many posts on Yelp that mention the long wait time and how they only sell a limited amount of cotton candy characters.

I decided to test my luck anyway and brought my best friend along with me. We got there on a Saturday around 2 p.m. and hopped in the line. I think we waited for about an hour and a half which honestly isn’t as bad compared to the people on Yelp that said they waited four hours. Although, it still felt very long to my friend and me.

We waited for an hour and didn’t even get a cotton candy character, which is the whole reason I wanted to go. It’s actually crazy how many different characters they can make. I saw kids holding unicorns, Baby Yoda, ducks, Winnie the Pooh, and other characters. It was definitely entertaining to watch them make all the different characters.

However, when it was my turn they said they only had the northern lights left. So I ended up getting myself one of those. The northern light cotton candy looks like the one you see people post on social media from Japan. It’s colorful, big, and fluffy.

I was excited to get mine and I was ready to get a cute picture with it outside but the wind destroyed my cotton candy the second I stepped out of the store! I was lowkey upset because the wait was so long for the cotton candy. On top of that, everyone in line outside saw what happened to my cotton candy. The worst part was that the cotton candy melted all over my hands and it felt so sticky and uncomfortable.

My sad little northern light cotton candy

Overall, I get the hype because it’s different and super cute and fun. It definitely made a lot of kids happy that day, but I will never wait in that line again. Perhaps I’ll go back one day when there aren’t a hundred people outside, but that was insane.

According to recent Yelp reviews, it seems like it still is a very popular place. If you do end up going, plan for a long wait.

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