An Ice Cream Shop That Has it All!

Have you ever gone to an ice cream shop with your friends or family and thought to yourself ‘I wish I could have a drink right now’? Well, that’s exactly what owner Shawn Sweeney thought at one point before opening an ice cream shop that has it all.

Sweeney had the idea of turning an ice cream shop into a place that had something for everyone. He said when he and his wife would take their daughters out for ice cream, they would always sit there wishing they could enjoy something other than ice cream. 

He turned the idea into reality on Aug. 26, 2020, when his ice cream shop Frosty Barrel opened its doors. Frosty Barrel is located in Newcastle, WA in Newcastle Commons.

Not only do they sell ice cream, but they also sell charcuterie, wraps and sandwiches, hot drinks, beer, and wine. If you thought that was cool, wait till I tell you that you can get hot chocolate, beer, and wine flight pairings with Frosty Barrel’s ice cream!

There really is something for everyone, which ties into their mission statement:

“Making moments memorable together.”

First kids to use the step (photo by Shawn Sweeney)

He made sure to design things in the ice cream shop to make people feel connected. There is a fire table located inside the store that is used as a communal table, which brings people together. They even have a step beneath the ice cream dipping freezer that helps the shorter kids look into the freezer to see what flavors there are. Lastly, Frosty Barrel always has dairy and gluten-free options so that everyone can be included in the fun!

Featured left to right: Manhattan, White Chocolate Raspberry, Maple Bacon, and Cinnamon Roll

They recently had an event that promoted their two new flavors: Cinnamon Roll and Maple Bacon. I was able to try both flavors before they released them at their Ice Cream for Breakfast Event along with two other flavors: Manhattan and White Chocolate Raspberry.

Let me tell you, their ice cream is phenomenal. Coming from someone that eats ice cream almost daily, this is some of the best ice creams I’ve had. I love that each flavor does not only taste like the flavor it’s supposed to be, but it has bits and pieces of what it should be inside.

For example, my favorite was the Manhattan ice cream because it tasted like a Manhattan cocktail. However, the best part was the chocolate bitters and bourbon-soaked cherries inside the ice cream. Frosty Barrel has a great selection of flavors, they also switch out a few every four weeks so there is something new!

Inside Frosty Barrel photo by Frosty Barrel via Facebook

If you have not been to Frosty Barrel, you must check them out! They have both outdoor and indoor seating and the option of take-out is available too.

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