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Skagit Valley Tulip Festival: Tulip Town

I am loving Spring in Washington, from the cherry blossoms, warmer weather, to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. If you have not been to the tulip festival, you still have until April 30th!

This was my first time going to the tulip festival, so I didn’t know what to expect. My boyfriend and I bought tickets to Tulip Town in Mount Vernon, WA. The other option in Mount Vernon is the RoozenGaarde.

We chose to go to Tulip Town which was a great choice! They have three different types of passes and we chose the general admission ticket for $10. You can buy tickets online and reserve a time slot to go at. But hurry, the festival is ending soon!

Our tickets were for the 5 P.M.- 7 P.M. slot and we arrived at 6 P.M. which I think was perfect! We stayed till 7 P.M. and did not feel rushed. An hour is a good amount of time to spend at the festival! Although, if you want to ride the free trolley, you’ll probably want to go for the full two hours.

When you arrive, you get your tickets scanned via QR code and then head into the fields! There are tons of different colored tulips and 5-acres for you to walk around and take photos of. They even have these grass pads next to some of the tulip rows for people to sit and take pictures on. Talk about the photo opportunities here!

Once you’ve spent enough time in the tulip field, there’s the cutest little indoor venue with a plant store, beer and wine garden, food stand, flower stand, and a gift shop.

If you have enough time I recommend stopping for a treat or getting some tulips to bring home! This is such a fun event to go to for all ages and I highly recommend checking out Mount Vernon, while you are there!

Mount Vernon is a small town but there are some hidden gems in this cute little town! It is also near some cool towns and cities that you can check out while you are up at the tulip festival.

My favorite spot that is a MUST in Mount Vernon, only 15 minutes away from Tulip Town, is Snow Goose Produce. They serve the best ice cream flavors from Lopez Island Creamery and Cascade Glacier in their own handmade waffle cones. They are to die for!

The line at Snow Goose gets long but I promise it’s worth the wait. They hook you up with the fattest scoops for like $5. If you go (which you definitely should), bring cash!

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