Rating The Food At Disney’s Food and Wine Festival 2021

The concept of the annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is a food lover’s dream. Traveling around the world would be a lot of fun, but when you can’t do that due to money, time, and other obstacles, Epcot is more of a fun and tangible solution compared to flying around the world.

Disney’s Epcot park makes it feel like you’re traveling through different countries when in reality, you’re just walking around the park in a giant circle. Lucky enough, I was able to experience its International Food & Wine Festival when I went to Disney World November 9-12. In order to participate in the festival, you will need a park ticket to Epcot. Once you’re in, enjoy the many foods stands around the world.

Each kiosk had about 3-4 items on its menu featuring some bite-sized items and drinks from that country. Throughout the day, I got to try some tasty things in several countries. Below are the ratings of the countries I ate at from best to worst.

1. India 10/10

mango lassi

2. Greece 9.5/10

griddled cheese

3. Brazil 8.5/10

crispy pork belly

4. Australia 8/10

lamb chop & pavlova

5. Hawaii 8/10

ahi tuna poke

6. America 8/10

carrot cake

7. China 7/10

mango milk tea w/ boba

8. The Alps 5/10

warm raclette swiss cheese

9. Mexico 4.5/10

taco de ribeye & chilaquiles con chorizo

Overall, there were a lot of great bites from around the world! The only disappointing ones came from The Alps and Mexico. The Alps made it seem like they had a cheese wheel ready to be melted onto your potatoes, in reality, they had a pot of cheese sauce they used on the side that was premelted. With Mexico, the two items I tried were overly salty that the food was not super enjoyable. But was it a fun experience? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes!

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