Best Chinese Hot Pot Places in Bellevue, WA

Since I moved to Bellevue, WA, I noticed that there are tons of hot pot places. There is even a variety of different styles such as Chinese, Japanese and Laotian. Growing up, I had a lot of Chinese hot pot, so I tend to lean towards the Chinese style when I go out for hot pot. After eating at several different places, I have created my list of the best Chinese hot pot places in Bellevue.

1. Liuyishou Hot Pot

Liuyishou is currently my go to hot pot spot. This place has very authentic Chinese hot pot, so be mindful of what broth you get. I usually get two types of broths, one spicy and one non-spicy because who doesn’t like options? However, if you are not used to szechuan spice, I would not recommend getting a spicy soup base because it is HOT! If you can handle spice, definitely get the spicy base because it’s the traditional soup base. For the non-spicy soup base, the House Special Pork Bone Soup Base and the Ginseng Chicken are my favorites.

The reason I love this place is because they use high quality ingredients and I think they price their items fairly. Obviously hot pot can get expensive depending on what you order but everytime I come here with friends, I feel like I’m usually spending close to what I’d spend at an AYCE hot pot place. I rather pay a little more for better quality.

I always order the Sliced Beef and Lamb Platter because not only is it presented on a giant ring, they give you a generous amount of both beef and lamb! It is also on their top 10 dish list. Another item that is on the top 10 that I recommend getting as an appetizer is the deep-fried pork.

They have a great menu and lots of choices. If you have a hard time deciding what to get, they have several different combo options that’ll give you a little bit of everything in a specific category. For example, they have a vegetable platter, so instead of ordering a specific vegetable, you can get their platter that includes a bit of all their veggies!

Liuyishou is definitely the spot for someone looking for good quality food that is reasonably priced!

2. Happy Lamb Hot Pot

Photo by Happy Lamb Hot Pot Bellevue

Happy Lamb Hot Pot was formerly known as Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot before they rebranded. This is a big chain, and I grew up going to the one’s in California.

This hot pot place is my favorite AYCE place. I like that the quality of the food is still good here because lots of AYCE places are known to have mediocre food but people always go for the price.

At Happy Lamb, AYCE lunch is $25.98 and AYCE dinner and weekends is priced at $28.98. Personally, I think this is a great deal, especially for those that love to eat! You usually end up spending more at hot pot places that do al la carte anyways.

I also love their broths! Anytime I am doing hot pot at home I always buy their broth packets at the asian market. Try out their house original and house spicy marrow broths.

3. Haidilao Hot Pot

Some probably would say Haidilao should be listed at number 1, and maybe they are right but decide for yourself! They are a very popular chain that started in China and I’ve always heard good things about them.

Perhaps it was the timing of when I dined in with COVID, but I didn’t get to experience the true Haidilao like most people. Usually, they would have little robot machines that bring food to your table, performers that dance while you’re eating, and you can order their dancing noodle dish that comes with a show.

Most people come for the fun aspect of dining here, the quality of their food, and their amazing service.

I will say their food is delicious and I love that you can get up to four different types of soup bases. Their service is amazing like everyone says it is. The waiters are super attentive here and constantly check up on you to help make your dining experience with them as best as possible.

The food at Haidilao is definitely a little higher, but you’re paying for good food, ambiance, and service. I will be coming back here to get the full experience soon!

4. The Dolar Shop

The Dolar Shop is your luxurious hot pot spot. It’s classy but in my opinion it just isn’t as good as the other places I mentioned. Some would beg to differ.

I do enjoy the food here especially the meat. They taste very fresh and the wagyu cubes are amazing!

Something that is different at The Dolar Shop is personal hot pots. You get your own bowl and you can make it a split pot too.

I’d say The Dolar Shop has good food and a great environement but I would only come here if you are ready to spend a lot more than usual for hot pot or if you are looking for a more fancy place.

Bellevue has tons of hot pot restaurants for you to choose from but if you are specifically looking for Chinese hot pot, these are the restaurants I would recommend. It all just depends on what you want! Go give them a try and see if you would list them the same way I did!

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