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An Alpaca Farm Retreat You Must Stay At

Have you ever stayed at an Airbnb on a farm? If the answer is no, I have found a great Airbnb right outside of Portland, OR on Sauvie Island. I would also like to say that I am not getting paid to write this, I just really enjoyed staying at this Airbnb.

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In June 2020, I planned a small road trip from Washington to Northern California. I had just graduated from Washington State University and had to drive back home. My boyfriend and I wanted to stop in Portland for a night to see some friends before heading down the coast, but as I was looking for an Airbnb, this one stuck out to me.

The Airbnb is called Island + Alpaca Farm Retreat, Near D’town Portland. It caught my attention because I have a weird obsession with alpacas. They’re just so cute and fluffy.

I was super excited when I found an available date. We booked the Airbnb for one night and it averages around $150 a night before all of the fees. My boyfriend and I were about to do a road trip down the coast and I was most excited about the alpacas.

The Airbnb is a guest suite located on a farm next to the host’s main house. They do live in the house next door but the hosts are super friendly. The guest suite has its own private bathroom, queen bed, small kitchenette, lounge area, and a covered patio.

It’s a very cute and homey Airbnb. My favorite part about it other than the alpacas is the view from the suite. You get a fantastic view of St. Helens and the Cascade Range.

Since it is a farm, they have other animals too besides alpacas. The host family lets the sheep roam right outside the guest suite. You can see them from inside the room looking out into the patio. They kind of just stare into the room which can be cute and creepy but usually they just mind their own business. Plus, they go into the barn area later in the day.

When I put in the request to stay at the Airbnb, I mentioned how I love alpacas. The host literally put them in the patio area along with the sheep when we arrived because he said he read that I wanted to see them. How sweet is that! We also got to feed the animals which was fun.

Our stay was very enjoyable until my allergies kicked in. Though I knew that was a risk I was taking when I booked the place. Unfortunately, I am allergic to animals. I can be around them for bits at a time but when I am around them too long my eyes get puffy, I sneeze and cough a lot, etc.

Thankfully, we were only there for one night for the sake of my allergies, but I’m so happy I got to stay at that Airbnb. If you aren’t allergic to animals like I am, this is a great Airbnb to stay at. They have cute animals and the host family is very nice and helpful throughout your stay.

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